Nappylocs TM-Dreadlocks Tool

This is our professional weight Nappylocs Tool -handwrought sterling silver, smooth, thin and sterilizable. Use the Nappylocs tool to tighten your Nappylocs TM, braidlocs, sister/brother locs, coils, dreads- for all hair types! No moving parts to trap stray hairs, debris or bacteria. Patent Pending. Standard sized shipped unless otherwise requested. Micro 1/8 inch, small size 1/4 inch,standard medium- 1/3 inch, large-1/2 inch. Other sizes special order. We offer micro to jumbo indicate loc width in mm or inches. NO Locking instructions included! ( Complete hair locking instructions are in the Biz in a Box.)Sizes are standard for small to medium hands.

$16.95, 4/$62.00size: 

Nappylocs TM kit-Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool-The Business In a Box Nappylocs TM kit-Making Dreadlocks Using a Tool-The Business In a Box Love working out but hate to ruin your hair. Nappylocs TM gives you true freedom to work that body without ruining your hairstyles...and you can save a ton of money with this DIY system. No more excuses!

This is the latest version packed with tool and techniques to hairlocking using a tool. No waxes, no gels and you can shampoo your hair from day one! You can lock alone but it's best with a friend or two. Use this info maintain existing locks such as those started with braids, twist, coils, back combing and freeform. The Nappylocs system provides tried and true tips to repair uneven or slipped loops, open matted spaces, combining the two headed dragon, making one loc two, and more. Great for all hair types kinky to straight! This kit includes 1- 72 page book (with Nappylocs diary), 1 tool , Baby Dreadz shampoo, Sunshine oil, Dew moisture spray and the new-free- 14 minute tip video -no substitutions! Check out for pics of Nappylocs TM. This item is nonrefundable.

Phone and video support available!

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Then after purchasing your kit and learning the Nappylocs Tm Approach, bless someone else with your services or pass on the book!


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